Many of you have been hounded by me the last few weeks with this Synology contest. You will be glad to hear that it’s all over.

1st : Przemyslaw Gast – Data Monster (Wins a Synology DS211+)
2nd: Joseph Correia – Master Your Data with a Cuppa (Wins a Synology DS211)
3rd: Roy Gilbert – Amiga Workbench (Wins a Synology DS211j)

The winners Wallpaper was an original design which is rightly named “Data monster”.
Data monster
Congratulation Prezemyslaw!

Absolutely delighted to have come 2nd in the contest. A very eventful contest which saw some disqualifications, unsportmanship and cheating in the first round followed by some dirty tactics and in the end the contest concluded in a very friendly and fun final round.

Anyone looking for a NAS solution, Media Server, Video Store, Data Store, Camera Surveillance System etc etc need look no further head over to and check them out.

Thanks again Synology well done to everyone.