As you may have read in my last blog post. Jeff McCann was going to shave his head, paint it blue and dress in a smurfs outfit for the rest of the day if he raised enough money for Movember. You will be pleased to know that he raised enough for all three. Not only that but his Manager Anthony Quigney also agreed to dress as a smurf for the afternoon so Jeff would not be the only Smurf in the village…….
Quite disturbingly they strolled around the office areas looking very comfortable whilst heading to be shaved and blued!!!

We also had the Tash factor where the best Mo’s where voted for and given prizes. (both male and female categories :))

Have a look below at some of the pictures…..

Again lets not forget the the real reason for doing this… It wasn’t just to make our management look foolish but to raise funds for Movember.

Jeff raised a total of €1,163
Dell Ireland raised an amazing €27,565
With Dell Globally raising a total of €44,014 so far.

Just amazing and fair play to them for being such great sports……